Cynthia Chen

Cynthia Chen

Transportation Engineering
Office: More 133A
Phone: (206) 543-8974

PhD, UC Davis, 2001
MS, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1995
BA, Nan Kai University, 1992

I direct The THINK (Transportation-Human Interaction and Network Knowledge) Lab at the University of Washington, Seattle. My group studies the sustainability and resilience of a city through the lens of human beings interacting with the physical environment. We generate new knowledge and insights for use in city planning, infrastructure development and policy design. Our research results facilitate real-time disaster response and recovery efforts. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on the latest methods and ideas in disciplines from social and natural sciences to engineering.

More specifically, our work focuses on three related areas: 1) human mobility (travel behavior analysis); 2) couplings between physical and social systems; and 3) community resilience. Together, they answer important questions that matter to our society, for example: 1) how do lower-level behaviors give rise to higher level phenomena? and 2) how can we best leverage interactions within and between infrastructure systems and social systems to support sustainability and resilience?

More details can be found from our research website.

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Research Interests

  • Human Mobility (Travel Behavior) Analysis
  • Coupling Between Physical and Social Systems
  • Community Resilience

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